Yamaha YVC330

Portable USB, Bluetooth and NFC Conference Phone with SoundCap technology


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The Yamaha YVC330 USB & Bluetooth portable conference speakerphone solves the problem of finding vacant rooms for spontaneous meetings. The innovative SoundCap technology converts the audio of open work spaces into a clear and natural signal that is as good as being in a quiet meeting room. By focusing on participants around the table and eliminating background noise the Yamaha YVC330 Portable Speakerphone allows participants at the other end of the call to enjoy crystal clear high quality speech providing stress free easy communication. Don’t be fooled by the compact design of this USB powered portable conference phone: with Yamaha technology, great sound comes in small packages.

The SoundCap Technology feature of the Yamaha YVC330 utilises Far Field Noise Reduction to pick up your conversations while reducing any unwanted background noise, and the Self Volume Balancer automatically adjusts speaker volume  according to surrounding ambient noise levels. The Self Silence intelligently mutes the microphones automatically while meeting participants are not speaking.

The Yamaha YVC330 is also equipped with an array of market leading audio processing technologies combining to deliver outstanding performance.

  • Adaptive Echo Canceller and De-reverberation for clear conversations reducing revervberation and echo effects
  • Automatically measures the surrounding environment to Optimize acoustic settings
  • High-quality sound collection with Speaker Tracking and Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) clearly picks up speech and not unwanted back ground noise

Plug and Play with driver-less USB, Bluetooth, NFC and audio in/out connections offers flexible options when connecting devices. Combined with it’s simple and intuitive user interface the YVC330 is a breeze to connect and use.

Up to two YVC330 can be daisy chained together for medium sized spaces with around 10 people.

With its sophisticated product design the YVC330 blends perfectly into any conference or office space.

Recommended for meetings or conferences with up to six people around one YVC330, or up to 10 people when two YVC330 are linked together.

The Yamaha YVC330 Portable Conference Speakerphone includes a USB cable (3m) and User Manual, with a 1 year warranty.


  • USB, Bluetooth® and NFC connections – audio in/out connection interfaces
  • SoundCap™ technology captures nearby conversations while eliminating background noise for meetings being held in loud, open space environments
  • “Self-silence” mutes microphone automatically while meeting participants are not speaking
  • “Self-volume balancer” automatically adjusts speaker volume properly to fit surrounding ambient noise levels
  • Ability to daisy chain 2 units for medium-sized spaces
  • Power through USB
  • Up to six people around one YVC330, or up to 10 people when two YVC330 are linked together.






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