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Convenient Portable PA Systems at Soundgear Australia

When you want boosted sound on the go, Soundgear Australia has the equipment you need, with a wide range of portable PA systems to choose from. We offer portable PA system products to suit every requirement, whether you need voice amplification for addressing a small group or a more comprehensive portable PA system for a large-scale event. Our systems are designed specifically for convenience, able to be taken anywhere while still offering great amplification power.

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Each of our portable public address systems has the ability to run off batteries, making them ideal for use in locations without access to power. They also feature long battery life periods, ensuring they won’t run low at a crucial moment. If you need a combination of amplification products, we can put together a specially-tailored audio package to suit your requirements. If you’re unsure which portable PA system is best for your needs, or if you’re interested in a package, simply give us a call – we’ll be happy to offer our professional advice.

Other Options for Amplification:

  • Wireless Microphones − If you need complete freedom of movement while you’re on stage giving a speech or any other performance, then our selection of wireless microphone systems are for you. We can help you make the right product choice for your circumstances.
  • Loudhailers − A loudhailer or megaphone is perfect for directing crowds, especially in emergency situations or where there’s significant background noise. Amplify your voice from 250 to 400m with our high-quality loudhailers.
  • We also have many more audio products in our online shop, so have a browse to discover our full range!

Buy the Best Portable PA System Today

Not only does Soundgear Australia have the most reliable portable PA systems on the market, but we also have knowledgeable staff who are here to help. Got a question? Call our audio experts today on (02) 9585 8687.

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