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Megaphones & Loudhailers from Soundgear Australia

Looking for a loudhailer to better communicate a message in a public place? Or perhaps you need a megaphone in the case of an emergency at your facility. Whatever your needs, Soundgear has you covered. Our megaphones come in a variety of designs and can amplify your voice for 250 to 400m in the space surrounding you. Our loudhailer models are battery operated, with deluxe versions having removable rechargeable batteries. We even have a megaphone that’s 100% waterproof, making it perfect for pools and waterparks.

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Other Products We Specialise In

  • PA Systems − Need a way of amplifying your voice for a speech or other cultural event? Our public address systems are perfect.
  • Portable PA Systems − Want your PA system to have the capability of moving anywhere with you? Choose a portable PA system from Soundgear Australia.
  • Wireless Microphones − When you’re working the audience, the last thing you need is a microphone lead to trip over. We can provide you with a wireless microphone to solve this problem.

Buy Megaphones from Soundgear Australia Today

If you need to project your voice far and wide, then our megaphones could be just what you’re after. Whether you want to use a loudhailer for safety reasons, to direct a crowd or to stage a rally, we’ve got the right megaphone for you. Got questions about our range of megaphones? Call us today on (02) 9585 8687.

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