Multipurpose Lecterns with Countless Applications

Lecterns are portable public address systems that are used for multi-media presentations and are suitable for a variety of locations for many different events. Lecterns come with a wide flat surface for users to place documents, laptops or other items. Microphones and audio equipment can be attached as well to help make a speech, providing a comfortable place to stand so the user can better keep the audience’s attention.

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Why Lecterns Are Important for Making Presentations

Keeping an audience engaged with a speech can be made much easier by using a lectern. Lecterns are often used for speeches by people in different positions, such as politicians, university lecturers and students, keynote speakers, and more. Lecterns must be capable of transmitting clear and intelligible sound across large spaces.

This is why Soundgear Australia only stocks the very best lecterns on the market, ensuring that any speeches or presentations our customers make will be successful. Our team members have many years of experience working with lecterns, meaning we can provide you with the right lectern for your specific requirements and the environment your lectern will be used in.

Places Where Lecterns Can be Used

Educational facilities, Hotels, Places of worship, Convention centres, Conference rooms, Lecture halls, Board rooms, Auditoriums

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