Wireless System Accessories

Wireless Microphone Systems at Soundgear Australia

When you’re in the moment on the stage, you don’t need microphone leads tripping you up or getting tangled. That’s when a wireless microphone system comes in handy. With Soundgear Australia’s exclusive range of wireless microphone systems, you can perform without limitations.

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The experience of being on stage with a wireless microphone is second to none, with an unbelievable freedom of movement. Your talks or other performances are sure to be more dynamic after investing in one of our wireless microphone systems.

Additional Audio Products Offered by Soundgear Australia:

  • PA Systems − If you’re holding an artistic event or a forum of speakers, you might need a PA system to broadcast the vocals of your guest speakers and performers to the audience. At Soundgear Australia, we have a broad selection of PA models for you to choose from.
  • Portable PAs − When pure amplification isn’t enough and you need to be able to travel with your system, take a look at our portable PA systems. Large enough for amplification yet small enough for convenience, they’ll help make your life easier.
  • Megaphones − Megaphones have a variety of uses ranging from crowd control to safety and emergency applications. Whatever your need is, you can find a megaphone that suits at Soundgear Australia.

Get the Best in Wireless Microphone Systems at Soundgear Australia

If you’re not sure what you need when it comes to a wireless microphone, don’t worry − our experienced staff can help. Our audio specialists can figure out the specifications of what you need based on the information you tell us. If you have a question about wireless microphone systems, call us today on (02) 9585 8687.