Yamaha YVC1000

High performance expandable USB, Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone – 8 to 40 people.

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The Yamaha YVC1000 Conference Speakerphone is a high performance and intuitive communications system with separate microphone and speaker components for flexibility during audio, web, and video conferencing. The YVC1000 Conference System features fast and easy connection to PC’s, smartphones, tablets or video conference systems via USB, Bluetooth or the audio terminals, and it’s Zoom certified.

With its expandable design the Yamaha YVC1000 Conference Speakerphone will support two external speakers and up to five microphones, its the perfect scalable solution for accommodating small, medium and large meeting or conference rooms with anywhere between 8 and 40 participants. (Note the YVC1000 includes one microphone, for additional microphones to cover larger applications please see the Yamaha YVCMIC1000EX Microphone).

The Yamaha YVC1000 Conference System incorporates an incredible array of innovative sound processing technologies combining to create a professional and productive communications environment without compromise.

Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD)

Developed by Yamaha and used to detect human voices. HVAD is an important element of several different sound processing features that require fast and efficient sorting of noise and human voices in order to make speaking and listening a more relaxing, stress-free experience during remote conferencing.

Adaptive Echo Cancelling

The YVC1000 delivers the clarity essential to efficient business communication by intelligently eliminating the echoes generated when microphones pick up sounds from speakers in environments with varying reflective properties.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Ensures everyone can hear and be heard automatically by boosting or attenuating the gain for individual voices depending on their level and distance from the microphone. AGC utilizes the YVC1000 HVAD technology to ensure that only human voices are amplified, providing clear and concise communications even in noisy environments.

Automatic Room EQ (equalisation)

This feature optimizes the speaker output of the YVC1000 in real time to match the dimensions and acoustic properties of any room by automatically adjusting the audio signal to provide a more listenable tone and reducing unwanted echo.

Automatic Tracking

Allows the YVC1000 to detect and track the location of a persons voice to achieve the clearest sound pickup possible. The ability to distinguish human voices from random background noise is critical particularly with conferences held in noisy environments with a large number of participants.


Naturally occurring reverberation caused by a room or area’s varying sonic characteristics can wreak havoc on sound quality in remote conferencing situations. The De-Reverberation feature offers excellent vocal clarity by suppressing reverberation particularly in environments subject to excessive natural reverb.

Noise Reduction

Suppresses or eliminates unwanted sound emissions from other sources such as projectors and air conditioners. Continuous noise is removed from ambient sound picked up by the YVC1000 microphone to ensure that listeners hear only clear, intelligible voices.


  • Multiple connection options via Bluetooth® and USB
  • Ability to daisy chain up to 5 microphone pods (per base unit) for a total of 15 microphones (3 internal mics per pod)
  • Speaker tracking
  • Scalability to fit various and ever-changing table configurations
  • Flexible alternative to installed audio solutions for large conference rooms
  • Supports 2 external speakers
  • High-quality audio technology with Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) to minimize background noise during calls
  • Automatic auto-tuning measures and analyzes the room environment and adjusts acoustic settings to the optimal level
  • Automatic system warnings to help with poor microphone placement
  • Certified for Zoom & Skype for Business






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