Bosch PLE-1MA120

PLE-1MA120 Mixer Amplifier – 120W, 4 mic / line input channels, 100V and 8 Ohm

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The Bosch PLE 1MA120 is a 120 watt public address mixer amplifier suitable for 100 volt line commercial audio systems as well as low impedance sound systems using 8 ohm loudspeakers.

From the Plena range of mixer amplifiers, the Bosch PLE 1MA120 is built to a high quality and features excellent sound and speech intelligibility thanks to a smart equalizing approach and built-in limiters.

Easy to use, with simple zone labels included in the box as well as setting indicators which enable the installer to place coloured markers on the volume and tone controls to indicate optimum and maximum recommended volume settings.

Despite its simplicity, the PLE 1MA120 still has flexible features such as ducking, priority paging and voice activated emergency override.

19″ rack mounting brackets are included should you wish to build into a 19″ equipment rack.


  • 120 Watt
  • 4 XLR balanced microphone / line inputs (switchable via dip switches)
  • 3 music inputs with RCA connectors (selected from button on front panel)
  • Telephone / Emergency 100V input with 7-pin Euro style connector provides for easy integration with another PA system or a telephone paging system
  • Input 1 also has a 5-pin Euro style balanced connector with Push To Talk and ducking
  • Input 2 has VOX with ducking
  • Input 1 and 2 can take priority over all other microphone / line and music inputs
  • Telephone / Emergency 100V input has VOX with highest priority overriding all inputs
  • Ducking level control for microphone / line inputs 1 and 2 located on rear panel
  • Telephone / Emergency 100V input has a volume control located on the rear panel
  • Master / Music XLR line output (switchable via dip switch) useful for connecting to other amplifiers or to a telephone Music On Hold
  • A chime can be configured to precede a call / page on input 1
  • 100V and 8 ohm outputs
  • Call / Paging only output – 100V
  • 16VDC Phantom Power (switchable)
  • Label holder for user defined description of microphone / line inputs and music inputs – custom labels can be created by user
  • Included coloured pins can be inserted at various positions  around volume and tone dials to indicate preferred settings for a particular application
  • 2RU rack mountable chassis


Output power: 120 watts
Impedance: 100v, 70v and 8 ohm outputs
No. Inputs: 4 mic/line and 3 line
Output zones: 1 zone
Rack mountable: Included
Power supply: 230VAC 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 100 x 430mm x 270mm 
‘U’ height: 2U
Weight: 10.5Kg



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