Bosch LH2-UC06

Bosch LH2-UC06 Marine Grade Horn Speaker to EN 60945 – IP67, suitable for marine and harsh industrial environments.

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The Bosch LH2-UC06 compact horn loudspeaker provides excellent sound reproduction in marine applications and industrial environments. Rated at 6 watts, 100 volt line.

The rugged Bosch LH2-UC06 horn is water and dust protected to IP67, and resistant to the corrosive effects of seawater and most industrial atmospheres. It is therefore ideal for marine use as well as humid or chlorinated environments.

A 1 metre colour coded 6-core cable enables the required power tapping to be selected without the need to open the unit during installation.

Constructed from high impact ABS and supplied with a corrosion resistant ABS mounting bracket. The strong, fire-resistant and corrosion resistant material is chemical resistant and thermally stable, making it ideal for even the harshest environments.


  • Suitable for marine and industrial applications in humidity-, chlorine- and salty environments
  • Tough, high impact ABS material with UL94 V0 fire‑retardant properties
  • Water– and dust‑protected to class IP 67
  • Type approval certified EN 60945


Maximum power 9 W
Rated power (PHC) 6 W
Power tapping 6 / 3 / 1.5 / 0.75 W
Sound pressure levelat rated power / 1 W (1 kHz, 1 m) 105 / 97 dB (SPL)
Effective frequency range(- 10 dB) 600 Hz to 5 kHz
Opening angle at 1 kHz / 4 kHz(‑6 dB) 360° / 60°
Rated input voltage 70 / 100 V
Rated impedance 833 / 1667 ohm
Electrical connection 1 m (39.37 in) 6‑core fixed cable
Dimensions (H x W x D) 159 x 143 x 136 mm(6.26 x 5.63 x 5.35 in)
Weight 1.18 kg (2.60 lb)
Color Light grey (RAL 7035)
Material horn High impact ABS
Material mounting bracket High impact ABS
Operating temperature -30 ºC to +70 ºC (-22 ºF to +158 ºF)
Storage and transport temperature -40 ºC to +70 ºC (-40 ºF to +158 ºF)
Relative humidity <95%