Bosch LBC 3201/00

Bosch LBC 3201/00 line array column speaker 60W suitable for indoor applications. Perfect for large reverberant spaces.

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The Bosch LBC 3201/00 Line Array Indoor Light Gray Loudspeaker with its excellent directivity and high power output, can handle medium and large (reverberant) indoor environments, especially the more acoustically challenging ones. It is typically used in congress venues, meeting halls and places of worship. The full frequency range of the LBC 3201/00 makes it ideal for speech as well as music reproduction. Its exceptionally narrow housing (only 8 cm wide) makes it extremely unobtrusive.

System Overview
A time and labor-saving mounting method has been developed for the LBC 3201/00. The loudspeaker comes with a chart, which shows the ideal installation height for the area that the loudspeaker has to cover. Once the appropriate height has been determined for a given area, the loudspeaker is mounted at an angle marked on the mounting bracket. This procedure is much simpler and more accurate than traditional trial and error installation methods. The LBC 3201/00 can be mounted on a wall or directly onto a floor stand LBC 1259/01 with an M10 threaded bolt without additional accessories.


Range of application
The LBC 3201/00 is part of the XLA 3200 (extended Listening Area) range of line array loudspeakers. Advanced filtering and positioning of the loudspeaker drivers has resulted in greatly improved audio directivity. Each speaker driver produces a dedicated frequency range. The specially developed high quality drivers enable reproduction of remarkably clear, natural sound, which gives excellent intelligibility of both speech and music.

The difference between a conventional column loudspeaker and this line array is noticeable in several ways. There is uniform sound distribution throughout the whole listening area not too loud at the front, not to quiet at the back. All relevant frequencies are present everywhere in the listening area. Greater coverage is achieved, so more people can be reached with speech and music with a higher intelligibility level. All these important features give the experience of a very natural sound quality in the whole listening area.

Easy installation
The advanced filtering generates larger vertical opening angles for high frequencies, so there is less narrow ‘beaming’ of higher tones in the vertical plane. As an example, at 4 kHz the vertical opening angle is still 22deg. Having more constant vertical opening angles makes installation easier, as the positioning of the loudspeakers is less critical because they cover a wider area. An extremely wide horizontal opening angle of 132deg. at 4 kHz means that a single loudspeaker can provide natural sound reproduction over an extensive listening area.

Suppressed Side Lobes
All conventional column loudspeakers produce a main lobe of sound, which is directed at listeners, as well as a number of unwanted side lobes. The LBC 3201/00 has highly suppressed side lobes in the vertical plane, typically at least 10 dB suppression of the 250 Hz octave band at 90deg., resulting in a much clearer, less ‘colored’ sound, even when close to the loudspeakers. This gives the line array superb speech intelligibility.

Sound Reproduction
The positioning and very high quality of the 2-inch drivers contribute significantly towards making the LBC 3201/00 a very efficient line array. With a sound pressure level of 110 dB at 1 m and at 60 W, loud and clear sound reproduction is possible even at considerable distances from the loudspeaker.

The high-quality loudspeaker drivers used in the LBC 3201/00 give excellent, natural sound reproduction of frequencies ranging from 190 Hz to 18 kHz. Together with the constant directivity, this ensures that all important frequencies are heard in the listening area.

Emergency Compliant
The loudspeaker has a ceramic terminal block, a thermal fuse and heat-resistant, high-temperature wiring. These ensure that, in the event of a fire, damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected. Thus, system integrity is maintained and loudspeakers within the same loudspeaker zone in other areas can still be used to inform people of the situation.

The three-way ceramic terminal block with screw connections is suitable for loop-through wiring and is located in a compartment at the base of the loudspeaker column. There is also a switch, which allows the selection of nominal full power (60 W), half power (30 W) or quarter power (15 W). The compartment has knockout slots for accommodating cables.


  • Extended listening area
  • Excellent speech and music intelligibility
  • Uniform distribution of natural sound throughout the room
  • Excellent directivity for use in acoustically difficult, reverberant applications
  • Suitable for larger venues, such as meeting halls and places of worship
  • Extremely slim
  • Voice evacuation compliant
  • EN 54‑24 certified


Maximum power 90 W
Rated power 60 / 30 / 15 W
Sound pressure level at 60 W / 1 W (1 kHz, 1 m) 110 dB / 92 dB (SPL)
Effective frequency range (-10 dB) 190 Hz to 18 kHz
Opening angle 1 kHz / 4 kHz (-6 dB) Horizontal: 210° / 132°

Vertical: 50° / 22°

Rated input voltage 100 V
Rated impedance 167 ohm
Connector Screw terminal block
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1200 x 80 x 90 mm /(47.24 x 3.15 x 3.54 in)
Weight 6,4 kg
Colour Silver