Univox TeamTalk-L

Team Talk-L Leader transceiver pendant with headset.

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Univox TeamTalk-L Univox Leader transceiver pendant with headset. One ‘Leader’ unit per group which can be heard by all Participants.  Includes Volume up/down and Mute switch. Integrated Li-Ion battery (approx 10 hours operating time between charges). Range up to 150M. Supplied with neck strap and lightweight headset.



Presenters, leaders, teachers, instructors, guides etc. need to communicate clearly, often in noisy environments. Participants need not only to hear clearly but to ask questions and interact with the leader and collaborate with the rest of the group. Modern communication is rarely a one-way street. This can be difficult in many environments due to distance, noise or other barriers. TeamTalk is designed to help in these situations. Both normal hearing persons and hard-of-hearing persons can find many situations challenging in groups.
The TeamTalk-Leader unit features full-duplex capability and supports up to five leader units, that is five groups operating simultaneously within the designated area. The leader unit transmits on an open channel.
The TeamTalk-Participant unit also features full-duplex capability. Participants transmits by pressing down the push-to-talk button. TeamTalk supports an unlimited number of participants per group.
The units are small in size and weighs only 60 grams and are super-easy to set up.

1. Ready by turning the units on
2. Set Leader unit and Participants to the same group channel.
3. Go … adjust volume if needed

  • Worldwide compatible 2.4Ghz ISM band solution
  • Full duplex discussion between a leader and any one of participants while all other members are listening
  • Fully digitalized crystal-clear sound quality
  • Up to 150m coverage
  • Compatible with Univox NL-90 Neckloop for hearing aid users
  • Extremely easy to set up in 3 steps only and user-friendly features
  • Ultra-compact and light weight
  • Up to 12 hours battery life
  • Convenient drop in charge or micro USB charging system


Radio Frequency Type ISM 2403MHz ~ 2480MHz
Type Full duplex communication
Radio Interface ISM 2.4GHz: GFSK Modulation with Frequency Hopping
Voice Codec 16KHz/16bits
TX Max Output Power 10mW
RX Sensitivity -95dBm
Voice Latency < 20ms
Frequency Channels 80chs
Channel Spacing 500kHz
Data Rate 500kbps
Freq. Bandwidth 500kHz
Battery Li-Ion Battery @ 3.7V 800mA
Battery life 10-12h
Charging time 3-4h
Antenna Internal Chip Antenna
Distance Range (LOS) up to 150m in free field
Frequency response 50Hz ~ 8kHz
Max operating Transmitters 2 Transmitters simultaneously per group (leader + 1 participant)
Max operating groups 5 groups
Dimension (WxHxD) 50x88x15mm
Weight 60g
System component:
560001 TeamTalk – Leader, group leader unit
Including 1 pc Headset microphone
1 pc USB charging cable
1 pc Neck strap
560011 TeamTalk – Participant, participant unit
Including 1 pc PM mic plug in microphone (560101)
1 pc single side earphone
1 pc USB charging cable
1 pc Neck strap
560102 HSB mic, headset microphone with a soft earpad (for Leader)
230903 EM-201 Headphones (for Participant)
283101 NL-90 Neckloop (for Participant)
560201 CS-20X 20-slot charger station
682006 USB 6 port Charging station
560220 CB-20X 20-slot Charging Case
560301 CB-48 48-slot Carry Bag



TeamTalk Users manual