Listen LA135

The Listen LA135 is an Antenna Kit for Rack Mount (150 MHz)

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The Listen LA135 Antenna Kit is designed to adapt our LA-326 Rack Mount Kit to accept antenna mounting, and includes a 90-degree helical antenna. The combination can be used to build your own antenna for specific application and installation needs. Compatible with our LT-800 transmitter and LR-100 receiver, the antenna provides excellent coverage for small and medium venue.


  • Converts the LA-326 rack mount kit to allow a 90-degree antenna to be mounted
  • Includes our 90-degree helical antenna for the 150 MHz band
  • Allows you to build a custom antenna for your specific application
  • Provides a transmission range of up to 183m (600 ft.)



Connectors BNC


Frequency Range 150.800 – 152.350 MHz
Number of Channels 32 (6 wide band, 26 narrow band)


Length 3.75 in. (9.5 cm)
Color Dark Grey
Shipping Weight 1 lb. (454 g)
Diameter 0.44 in. (1.10 cm)
Cable Length 18 in. (46 cm)
Weight 4.2 oz. (119 g)