Listen LA133

Ready to mount to the rear BNC antenna connector. Range up to 183m (600 ft.)

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Ready to mount to the rear BNC antenna connector, the LA-133 antenna offers and outstanding coverage range up to 183m (600 ft.). The 90-degree antenna is compatible with the 150 MHz versions of our LT-800 transmitter, LR-100 receiver/amplifier, and the LR-600 receiver/speaker. The LA-133 is also included with the LA-135, allowing the antenna to be placed in front of the equipment rack for specific application and installation needs.

*Note: The LA-133 antenna is available for use in Australia


  • Outstanding coverage up to 183m (600 ft.)
  • Mounts with a BNC connector
  • Compatible with 150 MHz equipment including our LT-800 transmitter and LR-100 receiver