Fitness Audio SDR5616/MT-U8

Fitness Audio U-Series 16ch UHF Receiver and MTU8 Transmitter.


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The new Fitness Audio Mini Transmitter System comprises of our new SDR5616 Antenna Diversity Receiver and the MT-U8 8 channel mini Transmitter that can be fitted to one of our microphones on either the frame or the end of a standard length of cable – the choice is yours. It is powered by one AAA battery, use either Alkaline, Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries – you’ll get around 5 hours of airtime from an Alkaline AAA. The circuit board is coated with the anti-corrosion lacquer that’s exclusive to Fitness Audio and there are no exposed switches so the transmitter is pretty well sealed against sweat.

Choose the head mic that will do the job best for you – Aeromic, Cyclemic, EMic,

It is available in 520-526 (usable everywhere), 630-650MHz (most major capitals) and 598-610MHz (an alternative group in Australia).



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