Cyclemic CM11

Cyclemic now with a Carbon Collar. Headmic for Cycling Spin Instructors.


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Introducing the Cyclemic LS Series- now with a Carbon Collar! They use a new Low-Sensitivity capsule protected by double mesh and our Carbon Collar. The Carbon Collar is acoustically transparent and protects the mesh in front of the capsule from getting clogged or wet with spit or sweat.

The Cyclemic is reshaped and finished with a J curve to drain sweat away from the frame, giving greater reliability for some of the sweatiest instructors on the planet, Cycling Class Instructors! This is because, as a no impact class, they tend to keep their heads in a fixed, leaning forward position and don’t have the freedom of other group fitness program Instructors to move about and aerate the mic capsule as they teach. It’s the same price, the same great Aeromic build quality and it’s covered by our conditional Two Year No Sweat Warranty. Unheard of with other brand headworn mics.

Please select the brand of your transmitter (battery pack, belt pack)


  • 2 Year Sweat Death Warranty – 7 classes a day, 7 days a week!
  • Triple Capsule protection system
  • Hand made in Australia
  • All steel cable and a sweat protected connector
  • Can be wired to suit most brand transmitters, including Fitness Audio & Shure


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