Bosch PLE-1P240

Bosch PLE1P240 240W Power Amplifier. Line Level (XLR) and 100V Line Input for easy addition to existing 100V

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Bosch Plena PLE1P240 240W Power Amplifier. High-power plug-and-play cost effective power amplifiers that deliver 240 Watts to constant voltage or 8 ohm loads.

Built with premium quality and protections, they offer basic functionality at a budget price.

The PLE1P240 has one line input with a loop through output. Overload, overheat and short circuit protection in conjunction with a temperature controlled fan ensure long term reliability.

A headphone socket is available for monitoring, all other connections and input volume control can be found on the rear to prevent tampering.

The 100 volt line input can be used to take a signal from a 100 volt line speaker line in order to extend an existing system.

An integral 24V DC battery charger trickle charges a 24 VDV backup battery (available separately) which will power the amplifier in the event of a mains failure.

The Bosch Plena PLE1P240 power amplifier can be used freestanding or mounted in a 19″ rack using the rack mounting brackets supplied.


  • 1 V line level balanced input
  • 100 V input for slave operation on 100 V speaker line
  • 240 W power amplifier in a compact housing
  • 24 VDC backup power with built in charger
  • 70 V, 100 V and 4 ohm outputs
  • Temperature-controlled forced front to back ventilation (directly stackable)


Output power: 240 watts
Impedance: 100v, 70v and 8 ohm outputs
No. Inputs: XLR input
Output zones: 1 zone
Rack mountable: Included
Power supply: 230VAC & 24VDC
Dimensions (HxWxD): 100mm x 430mm x 270mm
‘U’ height: 2U
Weight: 12.5Kg



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