Australian Monitor LHF16K

Australian Monitor LHF16K Horn flare, ABS. Rectangular, 42x36cm, use LHD35 or LHD60 horn drivers

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Suitable drivers

Australian Monitor LHD35

Australian Monitor LHD35 Driver, 35W max tap @ 100V. To suit LHF16 or LHK16K horn flares.

Australian Monitor LHD60

Australian Monitor LHD60 Horn Driver,  60W max tap @ 100V. For LHF16 or LHF16K horn flares.

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Australian Monitor LHF16K Horn flare. Rectangular ABS flare, 42x36cm, use with LHD35 or LHD60 horn drivers.

*Replaces Australian Monitor HK16 Horn flare*


• Rectangular flare for use with LHD35 or LHD60 horn drivers
• 120 x 60 degree dispersion
• ABS construction
• Sturdy fully adjustable mounting bracket
• Flare dimensions WxHxD 405 x 240 x 285mm
• 2.0 kg


Form Factor Horn Max Continuous Power N/A
Tappings Max Program Power N/A
IP Rating IP66 Max Peak Power N/A
EASE Model No SPL 1W/1m N/A
Powered N/A Max SPL RMS N/A
Driver Diameter N/A Max SPL Peak N/A
Colour Grey Frequency Response (-3dB) N/A
Warranty 5 years Dispersion 120 x 60deg

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