Australian Monitor HS60

Australian Monitor HS60 60W mixer amp, 9 inputs,12V phantom pwr, B/Tooth 5.1, MP3, 100V, 70V & 4ohm.

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Australian Monitor HS60. The HSV2 series is Australian Monitor’s mid-range Class D mixer amplifiers, delivering high quality audio reinforcement in 60, 120 and 250 watt options, all in a one rack unit package. The HSV2 now includes an upgraded and programmable Bluetooth v5.1 module allowing customisation of the broadcast name, PIN number and various security features. Fully featured, the HSV2 series offers 7 external audio input channels with individual channel volume control, equalizer and gain control. It also includes an inbuilt user-customizable tone generator, WAV/MP3 player, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack and USB charger. The HSV2 series has been designed with all of the features and power to suit a vast range of installations, from the boardroom to the classroom, school hall to bar, restaurant or function space


• 4 Ohm / 70V and 100V outputs

• Class D amplifier stage

• 9 audio input channels.

• 6 rear Mic/Line Inputs

• 3.5mm front Jack

• Bluetooth® and MP3/WAV Player

• Programmable Bluetooth v5.1 receiver via SD card and PC software. • Broadcast Name • PIN Number • Security Features

• Embedded MP3/WAV player via onboard SD card socket – supporting random, sequenced and single playback

• Individual gain/equalisation control on all external audio inputs

• Priority mute control on channels 1-3, with level and time release control

• Magnetic cover for customer concealed eq and gain controls

• Embedded tone generator for bell/ alert/ evac/chime/ intruder plus 11 fully customisable user tones

• Tamper-proof channel attenuation by disabling external volume controls

• Remote volume control via optional wall panel (VCA)



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