Fitness Audio Aerolink FA AL 3.0

Aerolink Bluetooth wireless receiver – includes 12V power supply.


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The AeroLink is a stereo music receiver with a balanced mono output option for PA use via the jack output. It comes with a 19 inch rack mount kit as standard to secure it in a standard equipment rack.   Connect it to your mixer with the 2 RCA to 2 RCA cable provided. Use the 6.35mm jack output if connecting to a mono input on a desktop PA mixer. It works with any iPhone®, iPod Touch® or Smartphone that has Bluetooth®. Screw the external antenna onto the rear of the unit if on a shelf. There’s also a mounting point on the front panel if it is in a rack.

So how does it work? Well you line up the first track of your chosen playlist (EQ on FLAT or OFF please!) on your phone or player, then go to SETTINGS and select BLUETOOTH™ ON. Press the button on the front of the AeroLink and a blue light starts flashing for about a second then partners up. You’ll see the words AEROLINK1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and CONNECTED on your Phone or Player’s screen. Once paired, as shown by a solid blue light on the AeroLink, switch back to the MUSIC on your phone or player. Press play and you’re on the air – it’s that easy! It’s one of the few models available where you can use up to 5 different ID Bluetooth Receivers under one roof. And no confusion!

The AeroLink® AL 3.0 by Fitness Audio® is perfect for Fitness Studio sound systems. But it will also appeal to many other types of venue operators and to Audio System Hire companies. Think of it as a modern day replacement for the CD Player with no moving parts or scratched CDs!

Power Supply, rack mount kit, and 2xRCA to 2xRCA AV lead included.

Optional extras available are the Fitness Audio DRA24 Remote Antenna with a magnetic base and 1.5m lead to put on top of a metal rack or cabinet instead of inside it. Also available is the Fitness Audio BPBP Remote Pairing kit for back room installations.


  • Bluetooth Audio / Music streaming
  • Easy Push Button setup
  • Volume Control
  • Range: approx 8 metres
  • Stereo RCA output connectors
  • Mono 6.35 socket output
  • Rack Mount Kit included
  • RCA Lead and Y-Split Lead Included
  • 12V Plug pack Included





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