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The TSV CSM2 is a calibrated sound monitor, programmable for a wide range of sound levels and environmental situations meeting noise control legislation or guidelines. When the sound level has exceeded the preset levels, the unit will render the sound system being monitored temporarily mute and inoperable by either interrupting the power supply or audio feed (selectable).

The TSV CSM2 Sound Monitor consists of three components. First is the Controller where all settings are selected and the system functions initiated. The Controller is supplied in a secure lockable cabinet to prevent unauthorised tampering. The second is the Sensing Microphone which is located in the area to be monitored and is wired back to the Controller. Should the microphone be disconnected or the cable cut the Controller will activate shutting down the sound system. Lastly the Visual Display which is located in the area to be monitored to provide a visual indicator of the audio levels in three colours, Green (12dB below preset level selected), Orange (6dB below), Red (0dB or above – controller will activate).

Some common applications for the TSV CSM2 Sound Monitor include (but not limited to) function centres, bars, pubs, clubs, live entertainment venues, health and fitness centres, and industrial facilities that are required to comply with rulings by local authorities regarding maximum sound levels permitted.

The TSV CSM2 is proudly designed and manufactured here in Australia to suit Australian legal requirements and guidelines.


  • Audio attenuator with selectable range between 60dB and 129dB
  • Selectable audio response of either Linear, A Weighting or Low Pass Filter
  • On delay time switch of 2, 4 or 6 seconds
  • Off delay time switch  of 2, 20 seconds or remote re-set function
  • LED VU Level Meter
  • LED microphone fault indicator
  • LED Exceed Level indicator
  • LED Trigger indicator
  • LED Inhibit Indicator
  • LED Power indicator
  • Change-over relay contacts from inhibit relay
  • Function switch for calibrating and testing purposes
  • 1yr warranty



  • Sensitivity: 60dB to 29dB
  • Linear Response: +/- 1dB, 30Hz to 6KHz
  • A Weighting as per “A” curve
  • Low Pass Filter: -3dB point
  • Response adjustable from 50Hz to 1KHz (factory set at 200Hz), roll off at 24dB per octave
  • LED level display: -18VU to 9VU in 3dB increments
  • Trigger level: +/-0.5dB
  • “ON” delay: 2, 4 or 6 second
  • “OFF” delay 2, 20 second or remote reset
  • Timing Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Relay contacts: change-over 3 amps
  • Visual Display: Green -12VU below level set, Orange -6VU below level set, Red 0VU trigger
  • System operating voltage: 240V / 50Hz
  • Main Control Unit: 16V / 1.5 amp power supply
  • Visual Display Unit:



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