TOA TOA WTD5800HTC Digital UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver kit – Receiver and Handheld Microphone 1x WTD5800 + 1x WMD5200

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TOA WTD5800HTC Digital UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver kit – Receiver and Handheld Microphone 1x WTD5800 + 1x WMD5200.

Launch into the world of reliable TOA wireless microphone systems. Designed for use with a range of wireless handheld microphones, to lapels, to headsets.

Employing a digital reception system that is virtually immune to interference and noise, the TOA WTD5800P Wireless Receiver ensures stable radio signal reception. Additionally, this receiver features a host of convenient functions, such as external equipment control by way of contact outputs, and system status monitoring by way of its maintenance software, enabling highly reliable operation.

The TOA D5000 Series provides unprecedented speech clarity for delivering the presenter?s voice to audiences in any speaking scenario. Experience for yourself the clarity, ease and safety of this wireless solution, whether for the classroom, office meeting rooms, banquet halls, courthouses, or multipurpose halls.

TOA?s proprietary digital audio processing ensures optimal sound quality and intelligibility for speech applications. Dedicated maintenance software enables visual monitoring of any jam radio waves or changes to incoming radio waves.
15 compatible channels per 6 MHz, 20 compatible channels per 8 MHz TV channel
Up to 32 simultaneous channels *Region dependent
Approx. 100 m operating range (line of sight)
Proprietary encryption settings to prevent data leakage
Signal stability is assured using the digital diversity method.
Control of peripherals is possible using contact output.

The price listed here is for the TOA WTD5800HTC Digital UHF Wireless Microphone Microphone System and WMD5200 Digital Wireless Handheld Condenser Microphone


Frequency channel scan
• Feedback suppression
• Detachable antenna
• Antenna mixing with cascading antenna connectivity
• Intuitive LCD display
• Audio mixing with cascading voice input connectivity
• Built-in optimized preset equalization in microphones


Power Source AC mains (supplied AC adapter must be used)
Current Consumption 350 mA (13.5 V)
Frequency Range EC4/EC7 ver.: 794 – 832 MHz, EG1/GG1/-G1 ver.: 606 – 636 MHz, RH1 ver.:576 – 606 MHz
Channel Selectable 160 selectable frequencies
Receiving System Double super-heterodyne
Diversity system Space diversity (digital diversity)
Mixing Output MIC/LINE (selectable): -60 dB (*1) (MIC)/-20 dB (*1) (LINE), 600 Ω phone jack (unbalanced), 600 Ω XLR-3-32 type connector (balanced)
Mixing Input -20 dB (*1), 10 kΩ, unbalanced, phone jack
Antenna Input 75 Ω, BNC (phantom powering for antenna), 9 V DC, 30 mA (max)
Antenna Output 75 Ω, BNC (Gain 0 dB)
Contact Output 1 channel, no-voltage make contact output, withstand voltage: 30 V DC, control current 0.5 A max, terminal block (2 pins)
Receiving Sensitivity 24 dBμV or less (Bit error rate:1E-5 or less)
Antenna Input Attenuator 0 dB/-10 dB switchable
Indicator Audio (5 steps), RF (5 steps), ANT A/B, Audio (peak), Battery alarm
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 12 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.5 % or less
Function Frequencies scanning, Feedback suppressor, Equalizer (optimizing each compatible microphone)
ID Selectable 10 patterns
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (14 ゜F to 122 ゜F)
Operating Humidity 30 % to 85 %RH (no condensation)
Finish Resin, black
Dimensions 210 (W) x 44 (H) x 211.9 (D) mm (8.27 in x 1.73 in x 8.34 in)
Weight 730 g (1.61 lb)
Accessory AC adapter (*2) …1, Whip antenna …2, Rubber foot …4
Option Rack mounting bracket kit: MB-WT3 (for rack mounting one WT-D5800 unit), MB-WT4 (for rack mounting two WT-D5800 units)