Redback A4950

Redback A4950 Paging Microphone Chime Module


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By adding the Redback A4950 module inline with a paging microphone pre and post announcement chimes can be added to the audio signal. Typically used in airports, train stations and shopping centres, paging chimes can be vital in gaining the attention of patrons. To be compatible the paging microphone must have a 5 pin XLR connector with PTT function. When the microphone is used the PTT contacts trigger the internal chime.
The PTT contacts are carried through to the output via 2 way screw terminal. At the completion of the announcement when the PTT is released the module will play the post announcement chime (selectable on/off). Audio output is via 3 pin XLR. A screwdriver volume adjustment is provided for adjusting overall paging level output. 24V DC power supply included.