Redback A4944

Redback A4944 RCA to Cat 5 Extender (Transmitter)

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The Redback A4944 provides a convenient way to send line level RCA audio signals over long distances via Cat5/6 cabling. The unit has DIP switch selectable input sensitivities of 100mV and 1V to handle inputs of varying levels. The output volume is screwdriver adjusted via the trimpot on the front of the unit. The unit is powered from 24V DC, which can be connected to the DC socket on the rear of the unit, or it can be supplied through the Cat5/6 cabling from other compatible Redback products.

The Redback® A 4944 provides a balanced output which can be received by Redback products such as the A 4942 and A 4946. These products receive the audio signal fed down the Cat5/6 cabling and convert it to an XLR output (A 4942) or an RCA output (A 4946).