Redback A4905

The Redback A4905 Mic/Line Pre- Amplifier To Line Level Out Converter


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This Redback A4905 line pre-amp will accept either a microphone or auxiliary input and convert it to a balanced high level signal suitable for distribution up to 500M without interference with up to 3V of output level available. Volume controls are provided for both inputs plus a master volume control. The microphone is a balanced XLR input whilst the auxiliary input consists of 2 x RCA sockets with a DIP switch attenuator to allow for 3 levels of input signals. The output is via a male 3 pin XLR.

A signal is fed into either of the two inputs. Either a Balanced Mic Input with an input level of 1.5mV, or a line level input with an input level sensitivity which is DIP switch selectable to 200mV, 500mV or 1V. The Mic input and the Aux inputs have dedicated volume controls and the output volume is set by the Master volume control. The unit is powered from 24V DC only.

This unit does not include a power supply. Requires 24V DC @ 500mA. Suitable plugpack M 8968B


  • XLR Mic input
  • RCA Aux input
  • XLR balanced output.
  • Phantom power to Mic Input (15V DC).
  • Controls for AUX, MIC and master volume.
  • DIP Switch selectable AUX input sensitivity.
  • 24VDC operation via 2.1mm DC power jack.