Redback A4904

Redback A4904 Audio Splitter with 1 In to 2 Out


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Redback A4904 Audio Splitter with 1 In to 2 Out. This compact signal splitter is provided with two input sockets. The 3 pin XLR can be configured for either 3mV or 1V sensitivity, whilst the RCA auxiliary input can be set for either 100mV or 1V sensitivity. The input signal is split into two outputs. Each output is provided with two sockets. A 3 pin XLR with output adjustable to either 3mV or 1V and a dual RCA configurable to either 100mV or 1V. This enables the user to select a number of input to output signal configurations to suit their application. All input/output sensitivity adjustments are by set and forget DIP switches. Volume controls are provided for each output. The unit operates from an external 24V dc source.
Dimensions: 112W x 45H x 55Dmm (excluding 12mm flanges).

This unit does not include a power supply. Requires 24V DC @ 500mA. Suitable plugpack M 8968B



  • 1 input to 2 outputs
  • Adjustable input and output signals
  • Individual volume controls for each output
  • Internally selectable phantom power available on XLR input
  • 24V dc operation
  • Compact design, 25H x 105W x 81D mm