Redback A4510A

Redback A4510A Yearly Programmable School Timer

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The Redback A4510A is an incredibly versatile, and easily programmed yearly timer housed in a convenient 2RU rack or desk mount chassis. The unit can be programmed for limitless* timing events for each day of the year (*limited by available space on the Micro SD card). The timing events are programmed with Windows based software via a user friendly calendar layout. When a timing event is activated, an MP3 audio file will be played and output through the dual RCA line level output. There are three MP3 playback options for the timing events, which include the Bell, Prebell and a Music option. An Micro SD card which is supplied, houses all the MP3 files to be played as well as storing all the timing events (Note: The audio files must be in MP3 format). The Prebell and Music outputs can be setup for random play of MP3 files, making the unit ideal for “Call to Class” playback of music which changes each time these outputs are activated.

The events when activated also trigger the 24V outputs available on the rear of the unit. Seperate 24V DC outputs are avail- able for each of the Prebell, Bell and Music outputs, as well as a common 24V DC output which is activated for all output conditions.
The timing events can also be programmed to trigger the Bell 24V out (and in turn the common 24V Out), with no audio output. This is activated by setting the output to the “relay” option in the programming setup.

The unit features “Daylight Savings” mode which when activated automatically adjusts the clock time by one hour at the user programmed dates. Dimensions: 482W x 180D x 88H.

The internal clock has a battery backup (CR2032 supplied) in case of power failure. (Note: This will only backup the time, it will not power the unit in the event of a power failure)


  • MP3 audio format for Bell, Prebell and Music timing outputs
  • Random play of MP3 files for Prebell and Music activations
  • Easy Windows based software timing event setup
  • Daylight savings mode
  • Local push button operation of Bell
  • Switched 24VDC output for Bell, Prebell and Music activations
  • Bell trigger for remote activation of the bell
  • Pluggable screw terminal connections
  • Auxiliary level output
  • Battery backup of current time
  • 24V DC operation
  • Standard 2U 19” rack mount case
  • Suitable for any amplifier with an auxiliary input