Redback A3195A

Redback A3195A 5.1CH Digital Audio Converter


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This Redback A3195A Audio decoder can auto convert optical/coaxial channel (Support LPCM/PCM/RAW) input to 2.0 channel analog audio output, and supports decoding Dolby AC-3/DTS (included 5.1 RAW digital audio streaming). Compatible with the following network players; HDTV, Blu-ray DVD, PS3, XBOX 360, DVD, DM500S, DM800HD, etc. Ideal for homes, schools, concert halls, cinemas and other public spaces that wish to enjoy the effect of DTS or Dolby. Dimensions: 81.7 x 78 x 21.2mm


  • Built-in high performance RTOS operating system and
  • audio decoder chip; supports DTS/AC-3
  • Super fast start time about 3 seconds
  • Auto Switch between optical and coaxial channel input
  • Auto decode AC-3/DTS (LPCM/PCM/RAW) input signal without any action
  • High compatibility
  • Small size
  • Metal case, Anti-interference
  • Headphone port output
  • Supports volume adjustment