Parallel Audio BP6100/LP16

Beltpack transmitter with LP16 condenser lapel microphone.

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Lapel microphone option, comes with IrDA bodypack transmitter with LCD display, 100 channel UHF, (2 x AA batt required)


  • 100 frequencies agile in 25 MHz bandwidth.
  • ±40 KHz peak deviation.
  • 35 mW maximum transmission power.
  • Supports various lavalier, headset and instrument microphones as well
    as guitar cable.
  • Power-On LED.
  • Uses 2 x AA batteries to operate.
  • Low current consumption.
  • Long operating time up to 16 hours.
  • Standard 4-pin mini XLR connector.
  • 1/4 wave whip antenna.
  • A choice of various lavalier or Headset microphones.
  • MT and GT gain controls for beltpack microphones.
  • Detachable belt-clip for changing of wearing position.
  • Matching battery charger: HC2.


<strong>Lapel Microphone</strong>
<li class=”p1″>Microphone type: Condenser</li>
<li class=”p1″>Sensitivity: -60dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)</li>
<li class=”p1″>Output Impedance: 1K<span class=”s1″>Ω</span> at 1KHz</li>
<li class=”p1″>Directionality: Uni-directional</li>
<li class=”p1″>Frequency Response: 80~16000Hz</li>
<li class=”p1″>OperationVoltage: 1.5~10V</li>
<li class=”p1″>Current Consumption: <span class=”s2″>≦</span>0.5mA</li>
<li class=”p1″>Signal to Noise Ratio: <span class=”s2″>≧</span> 60dB</li>
<li class=”p1″>Connector: XLR</li>
<li class=”p1″>Weight (g): 20</li>
<li class=”p1″>Frequency range: UHF 520-675MHz (3 available bands)</li>
<li class=”p1″>Switching bandwidth: 25MHz</li>
<li class=”p1″>Switchable frequency: 100</li>
<li class=”p1″>2-way synchronisation: Yes</li>
<li class=”p1″>RF power output : &lt;35mW**</li>
<li class=”p1″>Spurious emission: &gt; 60dB below carrier</li>
<li class=”p1″>Dynamic range: &gt; 110dB</li>
<li class=”p1″>Display screen: LCD</li>
<li class=”p1″>T.H.D.: &lt; 0.5%</li>
<li class=”p1″>Peak deviation: ±40KHz</li>
<li class=”p1″>Antenna: 1/4 wave, whip antenna</li>
<li class=”p1″>Battery type: AA x 2</li>
<li class=”p1″>Operating life (Alkaline) : 16 hrs</li>
<li class=”p1″>Charging function: Yes</li>
<li class=”p1″>Battery charger: HC2</li>
<li class=”p1″>Connector: 4-pin mini-XLR type</li>
<li class=”p1″>Dimensions (mm) : 84 (L) x 64 (W) x 23 (H)</li>
<li class=”p1″>Microphone input: Lavalier/headset microphone</li>
<li class=”p1″>Weight (g): 76</li>