Okayo C7189C

Wireless link module for linking several PA Systems wirelessly.


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Okayo C7189C Wireless Link Transmitter is an optional extra for the Okayo Compact 50W and 100W Portable PA Systems. It operates on 520-544MHz, please check your system specification/model before making your purchase.

For larger venues or audiences, the addition of this module allows several units to be used in the same area without the need for speaker or signal wiring. In this application you have a master and as many slave units as required for the venue. The wireless link module Okayo C7189C is fitted to the master unit which then transmits any audio signal (including wireless mic, CD player or wired mic) to the slave units, which are fitted with a UHF wireless microphone receiver. This module can also transmit to the smaller 30W Okayo systems.

Operates 520-544Mhz

Compatible with the following Okayo PA’s:
C 7217C 100W Portable PA With 520-544MHz UHF Receiver
C 7220C 100W Portable PA With 520-544MHz UHF Receiver & CD/MP3 Player