Mipro MJ53

Mipro MJ53 Condenser Microphone Mini XLR to XLR Adaptor


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MIPRO MJ53 allows a condenser microphone with mini XLR plug to connect directly to the XLR jack input of a mixer which provides 12 -48 V DC phantom power. Perfect when using MU series lapel and headworn mics for non-wireless applications.


  • Balanced OP amplifier for wide frequency response.
  • Suitable for any mixer input due to constant output impedance.
  • High S/N ratio prevents noise interference at long distance transmission.
  • High dynamic range ensures accurate output level.
  • No overload distortion under high SPL input.
  • Mini XLR connector for input and XLR connector for output.
  • Belt clip for easy wearing.
  • Rugged metal housing ensures a long operating life.