Mipro MA708CDMB5

Mipro MA708CDMB-5 (190W RMS, 325W Peak) 8″ woofer, 1″ Tweeter, B/Tooth, wireless receiver, CD/USB Player.

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Mipro ACT32H-5

Mipro ACT32H-5 Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter

Mipro ACT32T-5

Mipro ACT32T-5 Beltpack Transmitter with LCD and mute function.


Bringing a host of impressive features and functionalities, the Mipro MA708CDMB5 PA System is an undisputed market leader in its class. MA708 delivers unparalleled audio performance and craftsmanship. Designed with versatility in mind, the Mipro MA708 Portable PA has a retractable handle and sturdy wheels which make transporting a breeze. The rugged one-piece speaker cabinet houses a high efficient class-D amplifier that drives high sensitivity two-way loudspeakers and limiter circuitry reduces distortion and increases intelligibility for guaranteed powerful and clear sound. It offers an ideal public address solution for medium to large crowds.

Mipro MA708CDMB5 PA System 190 Watts with Bluetooth and Wireless Microphone Receiver with CD/MP3/USB Player. 8″ woofer, 1.5″ compression driver. Integrated dual gel cell batteries. XLR and 6.35mm Mic Inputs, Single RCA Line Input, Single RCA Line Output. Use on a table or speaker stand.

Mipro MA708 Models Available:
MA708PA-Base model with corded microphone only. Includes Bluetooth.
MA708PAMB5-Includes 1 x wireless receiver module (MRM70B). Includes Bluetooth.
MA708CDMB-Includes wireless receiver module (MRM70B) and a CD/USB/MP3/ Player Module. Includes Bluetooth.

Ideal applications include:

  • School sports events and marching bands
  • Places of worship
  • Large meetings and public gatherings
  • Presentations, seminars and meetings
  • Shopping center presentations and promotions
  • Aerobic & fitness centers
  • Parades & fetes
  • Street performers
  • Park and recreational facilities
  • Emergency and rescue situations
  • Weddings & funeral services
  • Public auctions

Package Includes: The price listed here is for the Mipro MA708CDMB5 pa system which includes the MRM70B Receiver Module and CD/USB Player with Bluetooth.

Options Available:
Use with ACT32H-5 (Handheld Wireless Microphone) or ACT32T-5 (Beltpack Transmitter)
DPM3- USB/SD Audio Player/Recorder Module.
Use with up to 4 wireless receivers
Wireless interlinking option available

Please note: We offer great package pricing on the different options available. Let us tailor the right package for your application. Use the online enquiry form, or call us, and we will do the rest.


  • Robust, rugged enclosure, built-in class D amplifiers system with 8″ woofer and 1.5″ tweeter.
  • Includes wireless receiver MRM70B . Use with up to 4 wireless receivers.
  • CD/USB/MP3 Audio Player module
  • Bluetooth receiver for music streaming.
  • Voice Priority mutes music when a wireless mic is used.
  • Echo effect for richer-sounding vocals.
  • Industry’s only Master volume with “Memory” and “Standard” mode options.  “Memory” mode saves and recalls last volume level during next power on. “Standard” mode resets to zero level.
  • Master volume
  • Retractable handle and rugged wheels make it amazingly easy to transport.
  • Built-in storage compartment for 2 handhelds or bodypack transmitters.
  • Wirelessly link 2 or more MA-708 systems for more sonic coverage (industry’s only MTM-92 transmitter module is required).
  • Active limiter prevents speaker damage from loud signal spikes.
  • Can be powered via AC power, battery or direct DC.
  • Weighs only 16 kgs | 36 lbs. fully loaded.
  • 2yr warranty


Max. Power Output 190 Watts RMS, 325W Peak
Amplifier Class D
Sensitivity Typical: 89 dB | Maximum: 108 dB
T.H.D. < 1%
Frequency Response 50 Hz ~ 18 kHz
Speaker 1 ” Tweeter & 8 ” Woofer
Coverage H 80° × V 60°
Audio Inputs Wired: XLR × 1, Ø 6.3 mm (1/4 “) × 1
Wireless: Up to 4 wireless microphones
Audio Player: CDM-2︱DPM-3
Line-In:Unbalanced RCA jack
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Audio Output Unbalanced Line RCA jack
Extension Speaker Ø 6.3 mm (1/4 “) Phone jack
Master Volume Control Manually
Controls Tone, Voice Priority & Echo on wireless mics
Storage 2 handheld or bodypack transmitters
Installation Speaker stand, flat surface or retractable handle & wheels
Power Supply AC: Built-in 100 ~ 240 V AC switching power supply (Max. Power Consumption: 220 W)
DC & Battery: 24 ~ 32 V DC, 12 V / 4.5 AH rechargeable gel cell battery (MB-70 × 2) or optional MB-80 × 2
Charge Time 8 hours (automatic charging management)
Standby Time > 7 hours
Battery Indicator 4-level indicator (25/50/75/100%)
Color Black or white option
Dimensions (W × H × D) 336 × 545 × 325 mm | 13.2 × 21.5 × 12.8 “
Weight Approx. 16.3 kg | 36 lbs (MB-70 batteries included)
Wireless System (optional)
Receiver MRM-70B, MRM72B (Dual Receiver)
Max. Receiver Up to 4
Frequency Range MRM-70B
Preset Channels & Bandwidth See Accessories – Receiver Modules
Transmitters See Accessories –
Microphones MM-107
Interlinking Transmitter MTM-92
Installation Plug-in Module
Antenna Built-in active dual antennas
Audio Player (optional)
Model CDM-2 | DPM-3
Installation Plug-in Module
Note Refer to actual product in the event of product description discrepancy.



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