Listen LA482

Docking Station, simple, convenient way to charge, store, transceivers/receivers

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The Listen LA482 Docking Station gives you a simple and convenient way to charge, store, and program ListenTALK transceivers and receivers. Designed specifically for ListenTALK devices, the LA-482 Docking Station can accommodate up to four (4) individual transceivers and/or receivers. Each charging slot features a tension lock that ensures secure charging connectivity, and each slot can be used to store ID cards or other items that are exchanged for and returned when the receiver is not in use. Docking Station comes with a power supply.? The LA-482 can be mounted in a variety of ways as well depending on your system requirements. The station can be securely mounted to a wall, in a drawer, on a rack, or attached to a tabletop.


  • Charges, stores, and programs up to 4 ListenTALK transceivers and/or receivers
  • Each charging slot securely locks and holds units for a reliable connection each time
  • Easily downloaded: mounted in a variety of ways depending on your installation and needs