Chiayo V2K U0000PB

Victory (200W Peak) with Digital rec/play, USB/Bluetooth, SDR8200M wireless receiver, cover.

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Chiayo SQ5100D

Chiayo 100 channel hand held transmitter, sturdy ABS housing with dynamic capsule.

Chiayo SM6100

Chiayo SM6100 100 Channel belt pack transmitter with MC16 lavalier microphone.

Chiayo SDR8200M

100 channel true diversity UHF wireless receiver module.


The Chiayo Victory Portable PA multi-function, multi-purpose, all in one.  It is Chiayo’s top notch model. Packed with many outstanding features and suitable for the most demanding applications, customers will appreciate both it’s quality and performance.

Expandable and flexible this PA System can work as a single unit or expanded to a larger network of amplified speakers for larger crowds.

Quick Feature Guide;
Ruggedly built compact aluminum speaker enclosure
200W Class-D amplifier to power 10” woofer and 1” tweeter and crossover
Bluetooth/SD/USB player and recorder.
Use with up to an additional 3 wireless receiver modules SDR8200M (optional). Scan and Sync button for quick and simple mic channel set-up.
Other Modules Available: CD/USB player, Wireless Repeater module.
VOICE PRIORITY automatically ducks music when a microphone is used.
Two power modes: Internal Rechargeable battery & DC jack. More than 10 hours operating time per charge.
Smart charging circuit with battery indicator LED and charging LED.
The integrated retractable handle and wheels for easy portability.
5Year warranty.

Additional Speakers and accessories including:
Powered and Passive extensions speakers with connecting cable that make the Victory the perfect portable PA System for outdoor carnivals, festivals, fetes and sports days.
A Powered (active speaker) can have 1 or 2 receiver modules installed allowing it to function as an independent PA system.
A Wireless Audio Link Repeater RP5100M can be added to a Challenger Master and linked to additional Chiayo Slave units using the SDR8200 wireless receiver. No cables or wires at all!
Trolley Base (TB-50) for moving on rough surfaces.
Chiayo ST50 speaker stand

Ideal applications include:

  • Schools and Carnivals
  • Meetings / Promotions / Presentations /Lectures/Theatres
  • Tour guides
  • Spruikers
  • Auctions
  • Houses of Worship
  • Marriage Celebrants
  • Sporting Applications -Health Fitness Clubs etc

Package Includes: The price listed here is for the Chiayo Victory with DPRB600M Digital rec/play, USB/Bluetooth module, 1 x SDR8200M wireless receiver, lead acid batteries. Includes DC50 dustcover.

Options Available:
Use with up to 4 wireless receivers (SDR8200M).
* SDR8200M Wireless Receiver module is required when using a wireless transmitter (either handheld wireless microphone, or beltpack transmitter)
CD/USB/SD Player module
100 channel UHF wireless repeater module (RP5100M)

Please note: We offer great package pricing on the different options available. Let us tailor the right package for your application. Use the online enquiry form, or call us, and we will do the rest.


  • High efficiency Class-D amplifier produces 120W RMS audio output (maximum music output 200W).
  • All-In-One! Easy to operate in both indoors and outdoors.
  • Excellent aesthetic design built from a patented rugged aluminum enclosure.
  • Rechargeable lead acid batteries eliminate all cables so you can take it anywhere!
  • Smart charging circuit with LED indicator.
  • Speaker system: 10″ LF, 1″ HF and crossover.
  • Integrated preamplifier, mixer and amplifier circuitry.
  • Anti-interference Pilotone circuitry provides superior wireless reception.
  • Wireless transmitter module available for longer and wider operating distance.
  • Two XLR-Jack wired microphone inputs.
  • Audio outputs: Line out (RCA), Active out.
  • Audio inputs: Line in (RCA).
  • Volume controls: Mic in, Line in, Digital video player, Bass, Treble, Master.
  • Switchable MIC-IN audio mode between Speech (balanced)/Music (unbalanced).
  • Voice Priority circuitry automatically ducks music during speech.
  • SLAVE (active speaker) can have 1 or 2 receiver modules installed allowing it to function as an independent PA system
  • Wired Audio Link Several Slaves can be linked through IN/OUT jacks to form a larger wired system.
  • Wireless Audio Link A larger system of several slaves can be wirelessly linked using wireless built-in receiver/transmitter modules. No cables or wires at all!
  • Integrated retractable handle and wheels for easy portability.
  • The optional CD/USB player, Digital video player/USB/SD player can be remotely operated from both front and rear of the amplifier.
  • Tripod stand mountable with ST-50 (standard)/ST-51 (wind-up).
  • Trolley Base (TB-50) for moving on rough surface.


Model VICTORY 2000
Max power output 200W, 4Ω load (class-D)
Speaker system 10″LF + 1″HF & crossover
Audio input Mic in x2 (COMBO), Line in (R/L), Active in
Audio output Line out (R/L), Active out, External speaker (switchable)
T.H.D. < 0.5%
Freq. response 50Hz-20KHz±3dB
Antenna Built-in
Power supply 90-260V AC, 24-32V DC/4A
Battery type Lead-Acid
Battery spec 12V/5A
Battery Q’ty 2
Standby time 5-6 hours in music, >10 hours in speech
Charging time about 6 hours
Dimension (mm) 600(H) x 350(W) x 300(D)
Weight (kg) 20.2



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