Bosch LS1-OC100E1

Bosch LS1-OC100E1 Hemi-directional loudspeaker – 8 Ohm or 100V line with taps at 100, 50 & 25W. Maximum 600m squared floor coverage.

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Bosch LS1-OC100E1 Hemi-directional loudspeaker is an easy to install, innovative loudspeaker which projects consistent and high quality sound, ensuring superb reproduction of background music and high speech intelligibility for paging or emergency calls. The speaker?s opening angle and high sound pressure level allows it to cover at least 600 m2, making it extremely suitable for indoor high-ceiling areas like warehouses, transport and exhibition halls, mega stores and swimming pools.

The Bosch LS1?OC100E1 is used in voice alarm systems and is compliant with EVAC standards. The loudspeaker has built-in protection to ensure that a fire-damaged loudspeaker does not cause failure of the connected circuit. This ensures system integrity, meaning loudspeakers in other areas can still be used to inform people of the fire. The loudspeaker has ceramic terminal blocks, a thermal fuse and heat-resistant, high-temperature wiring.

The loudspeaker is made of high-impact ABS TSG, selfextinguishing according to class UL 94 V 0 and with?the highest flame retardant rating (UL 94 5VA). The?loudspeaker has a white and silver finish; the metal?grille has a silver finish.

This acoustically innovative loudspeaker?accommodates 14 drivers in combination with?advanced positioning and filtering.


  • For large area, high-ceiling applications
  • Optional bracket for fixed mounting
  • Self‑restoring tweeter overload protection
  • Provision for internal mounting of the optional line/loudspeaker supervision board
  • EN 54-24 certified


  • Rated power 100 W (100 – 50 – 25 W)
    Sound pressure level at 100 W / 1 W (1 kHz, 1 m) 110 / 90 dB
    Sound pressure level at 100 W / 1 W (1 kHz, 4 m) 98 / 77 dB
    Opening angle at 1 kHz / 4 kHz (‑6 dB) 175º / 96º (horizontal)180º / 137º (vertical)
    Effective frequency range (‑10 dB) 60 Hz to 20 kHz
    Rated input voltageRated impedance 28.3 V, 70 V, 100 V
    100 W 8 Ohm, 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm
    50 W N.A., 100 Ohm, 200 Ohm
    25 W N.A., 200 Ohm, 400 Ohm
    Connector Ceramic screw terminal
    Dimensions (dia. x H) 800 x 425 mm (31.50 x 16.74 in)
    Weight 27 kg (59.52 lb)
    Color baffle White (RAL 9010)
    Color top cover Pearl dark gray (RAL 9023)
    Color grille White aluminum (RAL 9006)
    Material ABS TSG
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 150 x 100 x 150 mm (5.90 x 3.94 x 5.90 in)
    Weight 2.9 kg (6.39 lb)
    Color Pearl dark gray (RAL 9023)
    Material Zinc plated steel