Bosch LC4-MFD

Bosch LC4-MFD Metal Fire Dome for all LC4 ceiling speaker range. Innovative integrated spring clamp connection.


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The Bosch LC4-MFD metal fire dome is for the LC4-UC06E, LC4-UC12E and LC4-UC24E ceiling speaker range. When used with this fire dome, these loudspeakers are then compliant with EN54-24 voice alarm standards.

The Bosch LC4-MFD protects the rear of the loudspeaker from dust and other falling debris, makes it vermin proof and prevents sound traveling via the ceiling cavity to adjacent areas and includes ceramic terminal connector with cable loop through.

For ease of installation, the fire dome can be fitted into the ceiling prior to connecting the loudspeaker – a safety cord is used to hang the speaker from the fire dome whilst wiring.

Flame red,?RAL 3000.



Description Metal Fire‑dome
Diameter 197 / 175 mm (7.75 / 6.88 in)
Maximum depth 156 mm (6.14 in)
Mounting cut‑out 178 mm (7.00 in)
Min./Max. ceiling thickness 5 to 50 mm (0.19 to 1.97 in)
Material Steel
Weight 998 g (2.20 lb)
Colour Flame red (RAL 3000)