Ampetronic TalkPerfect TP-CMB400LED

Ampetronic TalkPerfect TP-CMB400LED Combi. Comprises of desk mounted loudspeaker, 400mm gooseneck microphone.


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Ampetronic TP-CMB400LED TalkPerfect Combi Gooseneck Microphone.

The standard unit comprises two elements. First, a rugged black plastic housing mounted on a separate desk mounted clip, which houses the staff loudspeaker and audio switch. Second a professional quality gooseneck microphone 400mm long with LED illumination to indicate audio operation.

Combi Unit Options: Subject to volumes, different lengths of gooseneck can be supplied, with or without LED illumination option. Other colours of housing can be provided in quantities of over 150 pieces


Staff side Combi microphone and loudspeaker



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