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Ampetronic PFL. Pre Formed Loop 12 turn; GE00022


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Ampetronic PFL Pre Formed Loop 12 turn; GE00022.

A multi-turn counter loop coil, compatible with CLD1 or other local area loop amplifiers.

Designed for easy fixing under a desk or counter.  Alternatively a wall or partition using the adhesive cable clips supplied.

Other clips may be used if preferred provided that the coil is not damaged.


  • Electrical Characteristics: 0.45Ω @ DC. 180μH @ 1.6kHz ± 10%
  • Dimensions: 5mm². 345mm x 305mm ± 5mm
  • Approximate Weight: 195g ± 10g
  • Wire: 12 turns of 1mm enamel copper wire
  • Lead out: Approx 1m of black, fig.8, 0.5mm²
  • Coating: PVC Tape