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InDesign DF136 Multifunction Stand

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InDesign DF136 Multifunction Stand. Height-adjustable tripod base stand incorporating tilt adjustable metal shelf. Designed to securely support virtually any size laptop, the LPH001 is also the ideal solution for holding expanders, processors, mid data input devices, small mixers and percussion instruments, sheet music and songbooks. Shelf is designed with raised edges to prevent instruments from accidentally falling off the stand, with a center flange opening to facilitate cable connections. Folds flat for easy storage and transport



  • Shelf width:15.3“ – 39 cm
  • Shelf depth:12.2“ – 31 cm
  • Set-up height range: from 32.3” to 52”, from 82 to 132 cm
  • Weight capacity: 33.3 lb – 15 kg
  • Weight: 9.1 lb – 4.1 kg
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    InDesign DF136 Multifunction Stand
    InDesign DF136 Multifunction StandInDesign DF136 Multifunction StandInDesign DF136 Multifunction Stand
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