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Chiayo Live-100 M Wireless Series

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Ideal for performers, presenters or demonstrators and the like, it's designed as a budget entry model without compromising quality.

Note: The price listed here is for receiver, beltpack and standard lapel microphone. 

Other Options Available:
* Slimline high quality headset microphone
* High quality lapel microphone
* Fitness Instructor microphones


  • 100 Channels of UHF frequency selection
  • Balanced XLR output/unbalanced line level output
  • 100 channel UHF user selectable frequencies
  • Comes with a 0.5m XLR to XLR patch lead
  • Rack kit included
  • Patented IrDA technology for 2 way sync between receiver and transmitter




HM-221-U Headset Microphone

HM-221-U Headset Microphone

Headworn Microphone Beige with Cardioid capsule.

    Chiayo Live-100 M Wireless Series
    Chiayo Live-100 M Wireless Series
    Price $460.00

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