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Australian Monitor AMIS120XL

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The AMIS120XL is an 8 channel, 120 watt mixing amplifier suitable for rack or desk mounting. The amplifier is self contained compact unit of solid steel construction. The AMIS120XL includes 8 universal input channels with separate level controls. Each channel will accept balanced or unbalanced microphone, line / auxiliary inputs. The unit has industry standard XLR microphone sockets and dual RCA auxiliary sockets per channel. Rear panel dip switches per channel allow the adjustment of line input sensitivity. An insert point is also featured on the rear panel for those applications where an additional EQ processor or feedback suppressor may be required.

The AMIS120XL features 100 volt, 70 volt, 4 and 8 ohm isolated transformer speaker outputs.There is also a tape recorder output via dual RCA sockets, and a balanced XLR output. The balanced XLR output is capable of feeding up to six power amplifiers (daisy chained) without the need for a signal distribution amplifier. A VOX triggered relay output is also available on the rear panel for activation of external devices from the VOX muting circuit. In most cases this would be used as a muting bypass relay, which when used with the appropriate external attenuator will maintain paging levels irrespective of the attenuator setting.

Phantom Power is available from all microphone inputs with a rear panel On/Off switch provided per channel. Internal current limiting protects the amplifier from both overload and overdrive conditions.


  • 120 Watt
  • 8 XLR balanced microphone (will accept unbalanced) / dual RCA line inputs
  • 100V, 70V, 4 or 8 ohm speaker output
  • Balanced Line and Tape outputs
  • 15VDC Phantom Power (defeatable per channel)
  • Input 1,2 and 3 have 3 stage VOX muting priority (internally configurable and defeatable)
  • VOX triggered relay output
  • Alert / Evac / Pre Announcement / Bell tones built-in
  • VCA master level control (use optional RC1 wall mount volume control)
  • Insert for signal processing via the connect of external processors
  • Four sensitivity settings for each Line Input
  • Overdrive protection and internal limiting
  • Signal Present LED
  • Mains or 24VDC operation
  • 2 RU rack mountable chassis



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    Australian Monitor AMIS120XL
    Australian Monitor AMIS120XLAustralian Monitor AMIS120XL
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