Yamaha FLXUC1500

Portable wired USB/VoIP Speakerphone with dialler, ext mics and echo cancellation

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The Yamaha FLXUC1500 VoIP Conference Speakerphone combines the best speaker, microphone, and audio processing technology to improve all aspects of audio handling required for your communication needs. The FLXUC1000 delivers “Best in Class” audio performance, changing the price/performance paradigm in this space and will suit meetings or conferences with up to 18 participants.

The FLXUC1500 utilises the FLXUC500 Conference Speakerphone base unit with the inclusion of wired desk top full colour screen dialler combining a VoIP phone with USB conference calling and also two wired extension microphones. The full colour screen dialler boasts an easy to use icon based menu and keypad making the FLXUC1500 simple and intuitive to use straight out of the box. The two extension microphones provided allow the FLXUC1500 to cover larger conference or meeting rooms with up to 18 participants.

As a full duplex conference speakerphone system it allows for audio playback and audio capture simultaneously. Yamaha FLXUC1500 users communicate as if they were in the same room, allowing for the natural flow of conversation and interruptions.

The FLXUC1500 provides exceptional audio quality from the tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements ensuring participants can be heard whether the system is in executive offices, huddle rooms or larger conference rooms with up to 18 participants. For smaller areas or rooms the extension microphones can simply be disconnected and not used.

The Four embedded microphones featuring wideband frequency response give the FLXUC1500 full 360° of audio capture making it the ideal solution for any communication application.

The Yamaha FLXUC1500 also provides integrated acoustic echo cancellation with no additional processing required to ensure the best possible audio signal.

With years of experience building audio solutions for executive conference rooms, Yamaha Unified Communications has designed and rigorously tested the FLXUC1500 Conference Speakerphone in real world conference rooms to ensure every piece of the system – from the mechanical and electrical design to the signal processing and product firmware – is optimized for acoustic performance.

Enhance every aspect of audio handling with this wired conference speakerphone, specifically designed for conference rooms, huddle rooms and offices. Its best-in-class speakers, microphones, and audio technology set a new standard for PC-based Unified Communication applications.

The Yamaha FLXUC1500 Conference Speakerphone offers new possibilities and solutions to enhance the on-line meeting and collaborative experience.

Note: requires PoE (Power over Ethernet). If you do not have PoE and require a power supply see our TP Link TLPOE150S Power Over Ethernet Injector.


  • Directional extension microphones (2 included in the FLX™ UC 1500) for audio capture in larger conference rooms
  • Ultra-wideband support (up to 16kHz input, 20kHz output)
  • Intuitive dialler with full colour graphics dispay
  • High fidelity and full-duplex audio for authentic sound with tweeter and mid-woofer elements
  • Four corner microphones for 360° audio coverage SIP support for IP PBX’s and cloud or on-premise environments
  • Call bridging between VoIP and USB conference calls
  • Fully integrated Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for crystal clear audio
  • Enables unified communications by supporting both USB audio and SIP telephony
  • Connect to IP telephone systems and softphone applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and more
  • Designed for VoIP and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environments
  • Ideal for larger conference rooms with up to 18 participants