TOA MA725F Matrix amplifier, 6 inputs (2 priority), VOX muting, DSP, 4x 250W 100V line outputs


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The TOA MA725F matrix amplifier is an all in one solution for multi channel or multi zone applications combining a 6×4 audio matrix, DSP and 4ch Class-D amplifier in to one chassis. It is equipped with 4 independent line inputs, 2 MIC/LIBE priority line inputs. Each output has independent DSP preset adjustment with input source matrix selection. It features high power and various inputs capabilities. It’s wide range of applications include general or emergency announcement and background music for restaurants, pubs, retail stores, schools and offices.


  • All-in-one solution for multi-channel or multi-zone applications
  • 6 x 4 audio matrix, DSP and 4ch Class-D amplifier in one chassis
  • 4 independent line inputs, 2 MIC/LINE priority inputs
  • Each output with independent DSP preset adjustment with input source matrix selection
  • High power (250 W x 4 at 70 V/100 V) and various inputs capabilities


Power Source 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1350W (rated output)
Frequency Response SPEAKER OUT: 20Hz -20kHz (+/-1.5dB, LPF OFF), LINE OUT: 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-1.5dB)
Input Priority input: PRIORITY 1-2 Mic -60dB/Line -10dB selectable, 2.2kOhms, electronically balanced, removable terminal block; Audio input: LINE 1-4: -10dB, 10kOhms, unbalanced, 2 RCA jacks x4 pairs (stereo summing)
Rated Output Power 250W x 4 channel: 70V line (20 Ohm)/100V line (40 Ohms)
Output Speaker output: CH 1-4: 70V (20 Ohms), 100V (40 Ohms), removable terminal block(2P x4): Line Output: CH 1-4: 0dB, 600 Ohm, unbalanced, RCA jack x4; MOH output 0dB, 600 Ohms, transformer balanced, removable terminal block (3P x1)
Speaker EQ Selectable 16 presets x4 banks, each preset has 8 filters, each filter is PEQ/HPF/LPF selectable
S/N Ratio Mic:60dB or more, Line: 75dB or more (A weighted)
Muting Manual mute/ Automatic Mute
Mute Hold Time 50ms – 10 seconds, adjustable
Control Power: Power switch (push switch, delayed operation), Power remote terminal (removable terminal block); Priority 1-2: input level selector (Dip SWx1-REAR), Gain control (Recessed potentiometer-REAR) Output assign (Dip Swx4-REAR), mute sense (Potentiometer-REAR) Manual mute (removable terminal block-REAR), mute hold time (Potentiometer-REAR) Priority mix (Slide SW-REAR); Line 1-4: Gain control (Recessed potentiometer-REAR), Output prohibition (dip SWc4-REAR); Output 1-4: AUDIO selector (push button x4 x4-FRONT), Output volume (normal volume knob x4-FRONT) 70V/100V (slide SWx4 -REAR), High pass filter (Slide SWx4 -REAR Speaker EQ bank (Dip SWx2-REAR), Speaker EQ (Recessed rotary encoder-REAR);
Remote 1-4: Wall panel connection (RJ-45-REAR, for AUDIO selection and output volume attenuation) Remote link (Slide SW x2-REAR)
Indicators Power: Power LED (blue-Front); Priority 1-2:signal (green); LINE 1-4: Signal (green); OUTPUT 1-4: Priority LED (Green x2 x4-FRONT) REMOTE LED (Yellow x1 x4-FRONT), LIBE 1-4 LED (Green x4 x4-FRONT), Peak LED (Red x1 x4-FRONT), Protect LED (Red x1 x4-FRONT)
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Operating Humidity 35% to 80% RH (no condensation)
Finish Panel: Aluminium black, Case: Steel plate, black, paint
Dimensions 420(W) x 107.6(H) x 350(D) mm
Weight 7.6kg
Accessories Power cord, Removable connectors (5P x 2pcs, 2P x 4pcs) Rack mount bracket x 2pcs, screws x4pcs


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