Mipro MRM70R-5

Legacy receiver module suit ACT30H & ACT30T transmitters, 5NB Frequency


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Mipro ACT30H-5

Mipro ACT30H-5 Wireless Microphone with LCD display. 5NB



Mipro MRM70R-5 (520-544) legacy  wireless receiver module to suit the MA505/705/707/708/808 Portable PA units. Modular design ensures easy fit to your system if you want to go wireless.

Suits the ACT30H Wireless Handheld Microphone and ACT30T Wireless Beltpack Transmitter operating on the 5NB frequency group.


<ul style=”color: #555555;”>
  <li>Advanced diversity technology for optimum reception quality.</li>
  <li>Preset with 16 auto-scanable frequencies.</li>
  <li>One-touch Scan for one of the 16 clear, interference-free frequencies.</li>
  <li>One-touch ACT™ syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically.</li>
  <li>Bright and easy-to-read channel display.</li>
  <li>5-segment RF and Audio meters.</li>
  <li>Dual “PiloTone &amp; NoiseLock” circuits minimize interference.</li>
  <li>Warning indicator detects potential interference.</li>
  <li>”Sensitivity” adjust can be adjusted to minimize interference.</li>
  <li>Modular design allows easy installation and replacement.</li>

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