Mipro MA705PAM-5 PA

Mipro MA705PAM-5 (Peak 70W) 8″ Speaker with wireless receiver module MRM70B


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Mipro ACT32H-5

Mipro ACT32H-5 Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter

Mipro ACT32T-5

Mipro ACT32T-5 Beltpack Transmitter with LCD and mute function.




Delivering high output power the Mipro MA705PAM-5 PA has set a benchmark for performance in Portable Public Address. Compact, reliable and rugged, this PA System is a solid performer and very popular. Great for small to medium crowds.

This PA System is an 8″ full range speaker delivering 70 Watts. It has 2 x Integrated dual gel cell batteries and an XLR/6.35mm Combo Microphone Input, Single RCA Line Input and Single RCA Line Output. Use on a table or speaker stand.

Ideal applications include: School classrooms & halls, Places of worship, Presentations, seminars and meetings, Day-care activities, playground duty, Indoor/outdoor gatherings, Weddings & funeral services, Shopping center & trade show presentations and promotions, Street performers, Aerobic and fitness centers, Recreational and social activities.

Package Includes: The price listed here is for the Mipro MA705PAM-5 PA which includes the MRM70B Receiver Module.

Options Available:
Use with ACT32H-5 (Handheld Wireless Microphone) or ACT32T-5 (Beltpack Transmitter)
CD/USB Audio Player with Bluetooth
Use with up to 2 wireless receivers- MRM70B

Please note: We offer great package pricing on the different options available. Let us tailor the right package for your application. Use the online enquiry form, or call us, and we will do the rest.



  • Max 70W
  • 9.8 kilos in weight
  • Includes wireless receiver MRM70B . Use with up to two wireless receivers.
  • Optional CD/USB/MP3 and Bluetooth Audio Player module
  • Up to 8hr battery life
  • AC and rechargeable battery modes
  • XLR and Line Level Inputs
  • Line Output
  • A voice priority feature that mutes the music when wireless mic is used.
  • Extension speaker output
  • Can be tripod mounted
  • 2yr warranty


Max. Power Output 70 Watts

Amplifier- Class AB

T.H.D. <1%

Frequency Response- 50Hz~18kHz

Speaker- 8″ full-range

Audio Inputs Wired: Combo XLR & 6.3mm (1/4″) Wireless: UP to 2 wireless microphones CD Player: CD, USB port Line-In: Unbalanced RCA jack

Audio Output- Unbalanced line RCA jack

Extension Speaker- 6.3mm (1/4″) Phone jack

Volume- Master and other individual controls

Controls- Tone control and Echo control on wireless mics

Installation Speaker stand, flat surface or fixed handle

Power Supply -AC: Built-in 100-240V AC switching power supply DC & Battery: 12V/2.9AH rechargeable gel cell battery

Charge Time -Up to 6 hours (automatic charging management)

Stand-by Time -Up to 7 hours

Battery Indicator- Single LED indicator

Dimensions 285(W)×400(H)×225(D)mm / 11.2(W)x15.7(H)x8.9(D)”

Weight -Approx. 9.8kg / 21.6lbs (battery included)

Wireless System (Optional)

Receiver MRM-70B

Max. Receiver -Up to 2 Installation Plug-in Module

Audio Player (optional)

Model -CDM-2, CDM2B

Installation – Plug in module




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